Words of Praise (Testimonials)

Mark from Orchard Park, New York

I didn’t have a problem wearing my baseball cap during games that I played. I had a problem wearing my cap when I wasn’t playing. Losing baseball games was one thing, Losing my hair was another. After I finally got my head around the fact that I needed help, I made the phone call that changed my life. I don’t think about my hair anymore. I can concentrate on my game again, thanks to Advanced Hair Solutions.

Mary Joe from Lewiston, New York

My hair used to be such a huge part of my life. I would always get compliments and it really helped define me as a person.  You can just imagine how I felt when clumps of hair started to come out in my brush, in the shower drain, etc.  I tried to slow it down with different lotions and potions on the market today but they didn’t work.  I had to do something.  I went to my primary care physician and he concluded that heredity was the culprit. I felt stuck with nowhere to turn to until a friend told me about Advanced Hair Solutions. I called and set up a consultation. With no pressure and no gimmicks, together, we came up with a lasting solution to my hairloss issues that I can happily live with. I just wish I had called them sooner.

Ron L. Wheatfield, NY

Personally, I was taking Statins for high cholesterol. My daughter alerted me that hair loss was a side effect.  Never saw it coming. Luckily my doctor referred me to a specialist for a solution.  Advanced Hair Solutions gave it to me in plain English, no pressure, no mumbo jumbo. Buffalo is fortunate to have a company like Advanced Hair Solutions who care about a persons look.

Susan W. Jamestown, NY

I started losing my hair over a 2 year period, mostly due to stress. It was devastating.  I learned the hard way that I should have took action early on when I had a shot at slowing it down or stopping it.  Advanced Hair Solutions went beyond my expectations .  Best wishes, my heart is with all of you. I have been there, but know there is hope and solutions (Advanced Hair Solutions)